>Ode to the Commode

>Husband finally gave up on the toilet in the upstairs bathroom and replaced it with a new, energy efficient, handicapped friendly model. He was inspired to create this work of art to celebrate its installation.

Ode to Toilet:
How I love thee,
White and glistenin’,
Never complaining,
While I’m p***in’ in.
Though sometimes you roil and bubble,
And run-on as a kid in trouble,
You’re always accepting, playing my game,
(but regarding that smell, I’ll take the blame.)
I’ll shout I love you!
From the top of my lungs!
Let’s do it now!
Let’s take the plunge!

(Okay, I’ll admit this: he’s had a long week at work, too.)

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6 thoughts on “>Ode to the Commode

  1. >Hahaha! Bravo! Bravo! Encore!

    Hey, it’d be cool to print this out, laminates it display it in the toilet, as one would display “God bless our kitchen” in the kitchen. LOL. You should get this piece copyrighted, hahaha!

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