>Now I know what to brew on January 20th.

>It’s a given: I will get coffee for my birthday and for Christmas. Sometimes my students even get me coffee as a Teacher Gift. The variety of blends and flavors will keep me entertained and caffeinated until summer or even next fall. The only question is this: what will the flavors be? Today I have Harry and David’s spiced Roasted Chestnut holiday blend in the coffeemaker. Mmmm, I hear your taste buds reacting!
I’m also working on a package of Alterra Harvest blend, a strong but smooth flavor that I like to bring to school in my thermos or travel mugs.
But this one is unequaled.
I didn’t have my glasses on when I opened the package (darn these aging eyes!), so I couldn’t read the description or the name. Husband, big tease that he is, read little bits and pieces and made me guess. I’m not one to keep that kind of experience to myself, so let’s see how you do with the same information!

On the front of the package: “a Vienna Roast consisting of prime Kenya AA, Hawaiian Kona, and Indonesian Sulawesi coffees.” Got it yet?
A little more information from the back label: “When brought to a Vienna Roast, the highly-prized Hawaiian Kona gives the blend a full body and a mild and mellow character, the Kenya AA adds a wine-like flavor, and the Indonesian Sulawesi provides unexpected interest with its earthy taste, slightly smoky tone, and hints of spice.”

Did you make the connections yet? Okay, I’ll give you one last clue. Also from the back label: “(the blend’s namesake)’s lineage and early life are associated with three of the world’s prime coffee-growing regions. Born in Hawaii to a Kenyan father and American mother, he spent eight of his first 10 years living in Indonesia.”

Yes, you guessed it. From Longfellow’s coffee, my brother and sister-in-law ordered me a package of Obama Blend.

Can I make it last until the inauguration?

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