Markets Galore!

Did I really neglect posting this last week?

Last Weekend's Market

Last Weekend’s Market

I made applesauce with a hint of cherry, cherry jam that didn’t jell, and froze more and more beans.

Then Wednesday came.

My Last Midweek Market

My Last Midweek Market

You can see potatoes, peaches, spinach, bunny food, and the un-jelled cherry jam peeking around the back.

I prepped what I could, but I didn’t buy anything that required major time investments because I knew Amigo and I would be gone Thursday and Friday.

So Saturday came again — see the results?

Today! Food, glorious food!

Today! Food, glorious food!

Everything has a purpose.

Apples: applesauce.

Peas: supper and freeze the rest.

Beans: freeze.

Zucchini: anything I want it to be.

Corn: a baker’s dozen (the vendor likes me) -half dozen for Sunday supper, the rest to freeze.

Meanwhile, I’m steaming cauliflower and carrots for supper tonight. They’ll be mashed with a little butter, salt, and pepper. Mmmmm.

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