>It’s in the bag – or it was in my bag.

>Once in a while, the purse gets so heavy I feel compelled to clean it out. Just because I can fit a lot in it doesn’t mean I should fill it up.

Look: even Sadie is disgusted with the junk.

I sorted, recycled, removed, and replaced. The stack looks much better now.

It’s much lighter on the shoulder, too.
Maybe I can fit that new book inside now…

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3 thoughts on “>It’s in the bag – or it was in my bag.

  1. >Every time lately that I have grabbed my bag to go somewhere I think, "I keep meaning to clean this out." So thank you for reminding me at a time I can actually do it!
    Are those blue and purple things reusable bags with their own pouch? If they are, where did you get them? I needs me some. Thanks!

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