>In favor of Recycling Programs

>In my fair state of Wisconsin, recycling is required by law. Certain materials – you can guess: paper, glass, aluminum, and certain other recyclables – are no longer allowed in landfills.

  • Recycling programs provide 97,000 jobs in Wisconsin.
  • Recycling programs contribute $5.4 billion (yes, Billion) to Wisconsin’s economy.
  • 2 million tons of waste avoids landfills by getting recycled instead.
  • Wisconsin was the first state to pass laws mandating recycling.
Our new Governor doesn’t believe Wisconsin should remain at the top of the cycle. His new budget cuts state funding for recycling, but doesn’t change landfill laws. He thinks that eliminating recycling mandates and cutting funding to localities will balance the budget. Remember, these materials still can’t go in landfills. Does this make sense?
Gaylord Nelson, proud Wisconsinite and founder of Earth Day, would be appalled.
What’s next? I hope the governor doesn’t outlaw composting!
Facts and figures from the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.

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