>How do you spell Meme? or Eight Random Facts

>There’s a reason one of my “labels” is “Random Thoughts.” Sometimes posts just kind of trip from my mind and through my fingers onto the keyboard, and then to the blogosphere. Mary of Mom Writes has tagged me for a meme of random thoughts: Eight random facts about myself.

I could claim this is terribly difficult because my family, those faithful readers, already know the randomist things about me. Is randomist a word? It is now. However, that’s not the point of a meme like this. It’s usually more of a get-acquainted, getting to know you (sing it, everyone!) type of tag. Most definitions of “random” refer to random items as unrelated, so rather than trivial or new facts, here are a handful of unrelated facts that you may or may not know about me, “Daisy”, the Groundskeeper, caretaker of home, garden, family, and coffee.

  1. I am hearing impaired. My hearing loss was discovered in a routine screening when I was twelve. I now wear two high-tech hearing aids, and I just bought software to help teach lip-reading skills. I hope extending my skills will keep me teaching in a classroom for a while longer.
  2. In the scheme of Multiple Intelligences, I am a strong Verbal-Linguistic. I love to read and make time for reading in my life. Starting a blog encouraged me to make time for writing, too.
  3. My garden isn’t beautiful, but it is mine, all mine. Chemical fertilizer? No, thanks. I prefer compost. Watching the composting process is slow, relaxing, and all-around priceless. Did I mention it does great things for the soil, too? Hey, those coffee grounds have to go somewhere instead of cluttering up a landfill.
  4. I love my work; I don’t always love my job. I’m sure there are other public school teachers who feel that way at times. Most of us are very dedicated to helping children learn as much and as well as they can. We seek personal and professional balance, however, and our ever-increasing workload makes that harder and harder.
  5. My husband is a better cook than I am. He does the grocery shopping, too. I’m a better baker, though. Rhubarb cake, anyone?
  6. I’m a die-hard Green Bay Packer fan. Did you know that I also follow the Milwaukee Brewers? Their sausage races in the 7th inning stretch are a riot. Oh, and they’re having the best season they’ve had in twenty-five years, too. Go Brew Crew!
  7. I enjoy reading and writing poetry. I plan to expand “A Mother’s Garden of Verses” when summer comes and my time is more, well, mine.
  8. I identify myself informally as a parenting/family blog, a Mom Blog, even though my children are no longer children: they are 20 and 15 years old. They are still a delight and a challenge and sometimes both in one day!

I don’t know if I could find eight unwary targets who haven’t yet been tagged. Feel free to jump on the Meme bandwagon — just leave a comment with your link so we can find it!

(Update: My hearing aids are a CNResound by Canta, purchased and serviced through my local audiologist.)

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3 thoughts on “>How do you spell Meme? or Eight Random Facts

  1. >Well you’re certainly still a mom so I guess that counts perfectly in my book, glad you’re a mom blogger!

  2. >I would LovE some some Rhubarb cake! I grew up with Rhubarb growing by my back door and love everything about it. Moms never cease to be moms.

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