Hotels are getting greener.

We spent last week traveling, enjoying hotel beds, hotel breakfasts, and a variety of other meals cooked by someone else. We traveled by plane, train  (light rail & Amtrak), buses, taxis, and hotel shuttles. We snacked on airplane peanuts and hotel lobby fresh fruit.

Hotel chains have their own mottoes and personalities. And (you probably guessed this was coming) some are more eco-conscious than others. A great example from the Daisy perspective is the ubiquitous hotel disposable coffee cup.

Super 8: yes, the Super 8 has a recycled and biodegradable coffee cup.

Holiday Inn Express was disappointing. They still use foam. So on we go —

waxy cup (biodegradable) and cardboard sleeve

The Hampton made me happier. Wax type cup, cardboard sleeve (recyclable). They made sure we knew they were approaching environmental friendliness by announcing it on the cups, too.

I haven’t looked into the website. Have you?

Anyway, I had the robust coffee from the hotel lobby instead of making it myself. I still appreciate the quest for quality and eco-sensitive choices. Next time I travel, I’ll keep this  information in mind.

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  1. That IS nice to know! I’m also a fan of the “not changing sheets for guests” and “hang towels and reuse” policies!

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