Going Greener

I put No Impact Man on my wish list on Paperback Swap dot com quite a while ago. It came today, just in time for – no. Not just in time for anything, really. I’m eager to read it.

So far, I’m snickering as his dilemmas because I’ve face so many of the same. Paper or plastic? Today’s version is more likely to be “Is plastic okay?” because plastic bags cost the store so much less than paper. Dear darling Chuck gets paper bags when he shops. I bring my own. I don’t bug him about it – much.

Elevator vs. stairs: I don’t have to deal with nine floors like No Impact Man does. I deal with two flights in an old building, though, and that on top of major abdominal surgery followed by more medical issues that made walking difficult. Hence, the elevator, for a little longer.

Tissue vs. handkerchief: I still stick with tissue. It’s not the environmental choice, but it’s a more hygienic choice. Give me a little leeway there, green folks, because I still harbor the germ phobia from teaching in a classroom full of coughing and sneezing kids for many years.

And I’ve only just begun to read!

Meanwhile, I will keep on gardening for 3 minutes a day, and with the generosity of others, I might get the garden in. Soon. Maybe. Shh: don’t tell the neighborhood bunnies, but I’m planting lettuce. Soon.

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2 thoughts on “Going Greener

  1. I used a gas roto tiller for my garden today. I should say that it was my friend that did the tilling. Two fine young men we know tore some old bushes bushes out of the front yard and planted new bushes.

  2. We have lots of bunnies this year. Mr hawk, that sits on our tall wall made lunch of one of them. Believe it or not the large numbers of hawks and eagles are messing with our Eco system. The are far fewer snakes than there were in the past. In Iowa and Nebraska pheasant populations are way down since hawks are eating the eggs.

    We planted blue corn this year. We will use it for cooking corn bread. Food science son gave it to us.

    I am not a fan of plastic bags at all. Made from crude oil. I support the paper industry.

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