>Fun with Closed Captioning


Closed captioning can be entertaining.
There was the time I was watching an Olympic hockey game (USA vs. Canada: USA! USA!) and the closed captioner typed “honky talent” instead of “hockey talent.”

How about this one: “Inaudible lyrics.”

Then there was the Piggly Wiggly commercial – or was it just a sponsored voice-over? – that should have read Shop the Pig but instead was captioned “Slop the Pig.”
How about the captioner for the Today Show that had Hoda saying “Good Booze Day Morning!” instead of Tuesday morning?
Did you see the opera singer who competed on The Biggest Loser? She was on the Today Show, and the captioner wrote Oprah for Opera. Now I know Oprah’s all over the headlines right now, but she’s not an opera. Not yet.
A political hot potato turned into “hot spot state toes.” The discussion was a federal budget issue, too, not a state conflict. Not that my fair state of Wisconsin is lacking in political conflicts….
Chuck turns off the closed captioning when he watches Gordon Ramsey for two reasons: 1. I can’t stand the guy. 2. The captioning consists of “(bleep) (bleep) (bleep).”
Enough already. Or do I mean Enough All Red Ye?

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