>Five on Friday: Politically Speaking

>I couldn’t do it. I started to write about the control freaks we have in our state legislature right now, not to mention in the governor’s office. I couldn’t do it. My shoulders went up to my earlobes, the back of my neck tightened, and my stomach twisted in knots.

Instead of a standard political post, here’s a list of Five for Friday.
Five Reasons to be Concerned about the Wisconsin legislature
5. Members of the Senate do not treat each other with respect. What happened to parliamentary procedure? What happened to the golden rule? The rudeness on the Senate floor is downright embarrassing.
4. Majorities in both houses treat the minorities like dirt under their feet. I understand the concept of “Majority Rules,” but in our system, the minority still has the right to be heard.
3. Even Madison’s annual Bratfest is becoming partisan because Johnsonville Brat CEO contributed to Scott Walker’s campaign.
2. The governor still thinks everything goes better with Koch.
1. I like the name Wisconsin better than its Twitter alternative: Fitzwalkerstan.
So on we go, into the long weekend. When the politicians walk past during the parade on Monday, I’ll do my best to be quiet. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll just honk the horn on Amigo’s bike to drown out the Republican slogans.

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