Fire drills and testing season

When is a fire drill not a typical fire drill?

  1. When the building leader is shouting “The fire department is here! Get everybody out!”
  2. When the FedEx truck comes and finds the secretary in the group standing on the sidewalk and manages to deliver the package, despite the building being evacuated.
  3. When the biggest dilemma is whether or not to lock the office containing the state test booklets.
Test security is huge. HUGE I tell you. In a brick and mortar school, the test booklets remain in the office vault when they’re not actually on a student’s desk bonding with a number two pencil. Teachers can’t leave them in an unlocked, unsecured, unsupervised room. So as the two teachers in the middle (locking) office heard the alarm and evacuated their little corner of the building, they had all kinds of questions running through their minds.
  • Do we keep the tests secure by locking up?
  • What if the fire department needs to get in the room?
  • What if they smash in the office window and ruin the test booklets by covering them in shards of glass?
  • If it’s a real fire and the test booklets burn or get smoke damaged, how will we get them replaced in time?

Heaven forbid there ever be a real disaster in a testing situation. Oh, the places we go and the lengths we’ll travel just to make sure that no child is left untested.

Cases of Official Test Booklets and the pallets that carried them in.

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