>Farm Market Therapy

>I’ve been feeling really down lately. The weather, keeping me out of the garden. The virus, keeping me under the weather for several days. The never-ending construction, forcing me to the laundromat and covering my bed in a layer of dust. I found myself wondering if our carpenters like tomatoes and zucchini – and then thinking “oh, no, that would mean they’d still be here in August!”
Some women go shopping and call it Retail Therapy. I can do that – if it’s thrift shopping or surfing the garage sales. In general, spending money doesn’t make me happy.
Some people work in the garden – the heavy rain took that option away.

But today was the day with the best therapy of all: the first Farmers’ Market of the summer.

I was so involved in the process that I forgot to take a picture while I was there. Here’s a partial collection of my haul. The strawberries are in a colander in the sink. The cheeses are in the refrigerator. I’d already sliced one loaf of bread (white with flax seed, yum) and put it in the fridge, too. The toast with jelly came from that loaf. Onions, tomatoes (greenhouse style), asparagus, fair trade coffee, bunny food (also in the sink at the picture-taking), and more — it was a good day.

But even more important than the fresh and organic goodies: the change in my mood is dramatic. Why? Let me count the ways.
Seeing the crowd: families, singles, couples, people of all ages. Strollers, wagons, wheelchairs, canes.
Crowds of people caring about buying locally, buying fresh, and buying organic.
Sunshine, aromas from the coffee shops and kettle corn stand.
People smiling and laughing and interacting.
The cheese vendor offering a sample to a sad toddler and getting a smile in return.
The young vendor handing our samples of her kettle corn, and people saying thank you.
Music from buskers and local orchestra students.
My wheeled bag getting more and more full of good foods for my family.
I’m feeling much better. I hope you are, too.

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