Construction Breeds Creativity

I needed a big bag of potting soil. I visited a local hardware store and picked up a 40 lb. bag. The clerk offered her assistant to help load it in my car. I thanked her and took care of it myself.

Little did she know I would have to schlep this thing from my minivan to my house, a distance of about half of a block – a long block. But I was ready. Me, Daisy, the compostermom, the creative, I was ready.

Bag on Wheels!

Bag on Wheels!

The soil fit – barely – in my grocery bag on wheels, the one I use for visits to the farmers’ market. At that point, it was easy to pull down the street and set next to the drawers for Project Cover Those Suckers I mean Project Shade Tree.

That left my other hand free to hold the bag from a rummage sale, in which I carried these two little darlings. Fifty cents, they were, and they’ll accompany the pretty flowers when I’m finished.

Bunnies! Bunnies! Fifty cents for bunnies!

Bunnies! Bunnies! Fifty cents for bunnies!

They’re not really outdoor bunnies, but they’ll do. You’ll see. And you will see; when I finally finish planting, I’ll post pictures. Some day.

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