Closed Captioning provides more entertainment

In a story about Olivia Newton John and John Travolta reuniting to sing the Grease soundtrack – “Greece is the word.” Well, maybe in the story about the global economy  This piece of pop fluff meant “Grease.” Tell me more, tell me more…

During an NFL football game I noticed some interesting errors. According to the captioner, I was watching the “Guam of the week,” not the game of the week, and the teams were the New York Giants and the “Cow Biz.”

On a similar wavelength, a few Pet Peeves —

Music while on hold. If it’s too loud, I don’t dare turn it down because I might miss it when someone actually picks up the call. If it’s too quiet, I will be tense and worried because (you guessed it) I don’t know if I’m missing the actual person who might pick up my call.

Random Babbling.  When the scheduler on the other end of the phone line is scanning through the openings on the computer screen, sometimes she talks to herself. Of course, I only hear muttering, and have to respond with “Pardon me?” only to be told that she hasn’t said anything. What?! Methinks these people need training in people skills, not just how to use the software.

Advertising before the call connects. The local Pharmacy that shall not be Named is notorious for this. Before I even reach the pharmacy, I hear an ad for the store. When I push one for pharmacy itself, I hear an ad for flu shots. The worst of the situation is this; no one reviewed these recorded answers before setting them to play. The first part of the first word is cut off. It’s like proofreading; check your work, people! Let’s be professional.


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