Care for Fabric and Life


It was a thrift store find. $4.99, with a purple tag, which meant it was 50% off. I tried it on in the aisles, and it fit. I read the tag: “Genuine leather shell” and “Over for care”. I thought I’d turn over care of my new garment to the dry cleaners. After all, I’ve wrecked fabrics less valuable than leather.
I didn’t plan on the dry cleaning place refusing to take it. “We don’t have very good luck with leather, so we contract our leather work out to a professional leather cleaner.” She quoted me the price, I cringed, and she showed me the car instructions on the tag. Apparently, she thought I could read these and handle the cleaning process myself. 
So I did, and it survived, and I’m thrilled with my “new” jacket. Pink leather jacket, a good pair of jeans, my snazzy boots, and I’m ready for…. well, I’m ready for a day of meetings and training at school. Oh, well. My thrifty coworkers will love it!
But wait – there’s more. Did you see it? The second tag in the first picture? My fabulous deal came with its own fortune, sans cookie.
I might have phrased it differently so that the singular “everyone” makes a better match, but “their” will do.
A new jacket, a fabulous deal, and sage advice as well. For 50% on a $4.99 jacket? Can’t be beat.

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