Busy Season!

Folks, believe me, there will be updates. Today we switched roles; I worked in the kitchen all day and my dear darling husband, a.k.a. “Chuck,” worked in the garden. I made pizza from scratch, watched the Packers beat the Lions, and went to a furniture shop at halftime. Meanwhile, Chuck got out his tools and built a new garden area out of repurposed boards. Photos to follow, folks.

It’s getting cool at night. I am gradually clearing out those plants that are no longer thriving. The dill met its end last weekend. Next? The herbs may need to come inside for the winter. The tomatoes and peppers are still producing, so I’ll leave them alone until there is threat of a killing frost.

Meanwhile, I made more pear sauce tonight and canned it in my newly found 12 oz. jars. Yum!

And one more meanwhile – It’s off to the neurologist Monday afternoon for me. This is the first appointment in six months. I hope she’ll pronounce me healed, mostly. I have very few symptoms, almost none, and I’m quite a bit stronger than I was last time I saw her.

So, my faithful friendly readers, all is well at the O.K. Chorale. Photos of the garden expansion are still on my camera. You’ll be the first, or almost the first, to see.

So meanwhile, leave a comment and let me know what you’re doing!

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