Buried Beneath the Snow

Petunia wondered what I might find as the snow melted. The campaign sign is gone – picked up, I believe, by the organization that sponsored it. But as the snow fades away, not all is lovely. Here’s a view of my deck.



I admit it, it’s a mess. Pizza boxes are soiled with food residue, so they’re not recyclable. I stashed them in the snow piles on our deck. Now I can use them as weed blocks in the new garden or as a base to start the rock garden again.

pizza boxes galore!

pizza boxes galore!

I will admit to ordering a few pizzas during the winter, but not all of these. I scavenged the boxes after a recent party at work. Now I should have plenty for the expanded garden in the backyard and the rock garden, too. Anything left over will be soaked, torn into strips, and composted.

Some see a pizza. I see potential.

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