Boston Stays Strong – Honors the Resilient

Boston Strong. It’s the new tagline, but it’s much more than a slogan. Prior to the Red Sox – Royals game, the first at Fenway Park since Monday’s Marathon attack, MLB took time to remember the horrific event and praise those who contributed and helped.

The best part of the ceremony was – the whole thing. Those honored were marathon staff, those who were suddenly pressed into service at a level of first aid they’d never imagined. The FBI and supporting intelligence sources, who used both high tech and old-fashioned teamwork to catch those responsible. Police forces in and near Watertown, Massachusetts, who showed their dedication to protecting their citizens.

The announcer then listed the hospitals by name to recognize their contributions the day of the explosions and the high level of ongoing medical care as the severely injured continue to recover.

Fred Rogers used to remind the nation to “Look for the helpers.” Mr. Rogers would have looked toward those honored with throwing the first ceremonial pitch since the attack. He would have respected Steve Byrne, who shielded his friend’s sisters from the first blast and then was thrown over a fence and wounded by the second. Mr. Rogers would have appreciated firefighter Matt Patterson’s rescue of a young boy. Those at the game also recognized doctor/spectators along the race route, civilians who became heroes, and volunteers who lifted and pulled away a fence to speed access to the wounded. The list goes on, showing the strength and courage of those nearby.

“Boston Strong” indeed. I’ll go a step further and call the natives and visitors to the entire area resilient. They are survivors. They’ve been to hell and back, and with each other’s support, they’ll make it all the way back to everyday life.


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