>All in a day’s reading

>Morning reading:

  • staff meeting agenda
  • email
  • planning book
  • math manual
  • electronic gradebook.

Mid-day reading:

  • attendance records
  • more emails
  • and again the math manual
  • science guide to set up lab activity correctly
  • data to follow up from staff meeting

Afternoon reading:

  • newspaper (several hours out of date, but why not? The comics are still current.)
  • professional book Strategies that Work to guide reading lesson planning
  • spice bottles to add to supper
  • another professional book: The Next Step in Guided Reading, for study group at school.

On the table by my side in the den:

  • The Crimson Rooms — just finished, soon to be a review. Look for it; this one held my attention.
  • the last two Time magazines; I get behind when I’m busy at school. Progress reports, anyone?
  • two Braille books of Amigo’s: a book on card games (he found out there are Braille poker chips available somewhere) and a volume of A Flash in the Pan, a cookbook of one-pan meals.

On my bedside table:

  • Cold Mountain — So far, fascinating. I’m taking my time.

All right, bloggy friends, what are you reading? I’m sure I missed something in my stack.

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4 thoughts on “>All in a day’s reading

  1. >I so enjoyed Cold Mountain–the film, too! I'm reading recipes, emails, newspapers, Abundance by Sena Jeter Naslund, blogs, my manuscript (revisions & edits!), the gospel of Mark, website content for Al Huss Auto.

  2. >I love this question!
    I am reading The Forsyte Sage and enjoying it immensely. It is quite funny. And everyday I read a little more of Leaves of Grass; I've wanted to read it for years and finally borrowed a copy from my daughter. I'm almost caught up on my New Yorkers, and I have a copy of Thus Spoke Zarathustra on my living room chair, but I've only read part of the introduction.

  3. >At home I'm reading "To Die Like a Man", which is a book a friend of ours wrote. Not too far into it yet, just started. At work I keep "My Sister, My Love" by Joyce Carol Oates, in my desk for those rare slow moments at the end of the day or when I don't have grading to do on my lunch hour.

  4. >I received several books & graphic novels for Christmas, but I am currently working through the Chronicles Of Amber by Roger Zelazny, a series I loved as a teenager, and am still enjoying a great deal.

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