The O.K. Chorale Blues

Sing it, baby.

A water main break and a subsequent gas leak had us evacuating the house in a big, big hurry.

I closed out my grant project at work with success, at least anecdotally. Boss woman loved the results. Other teachers shared positive outcomes, too.

We’re still cleaning up, both literally and emotionally, for the disaster and near disaster from the leaks and evacuation.

I’m still debating whether it’s worthwhile to submit the grant applications I have in my to-do list. There are requirements that just don’t jive with the realities of a public school.

Chuck and I are overtired, and that’s leading to silliness and getting really punchy. Big Bang Theory has never been so hilarious.

I’m more than caught up at work, thank goodness. If I need a day for dealing with our basement mess…. well, no. We don’t have a contract any more, so taking an emergency day isn’t on the list of possibilities. Chuck and I will debate the merits of hiring a clean-up service or attacking the mess a few hours each evening.

Things could have been much worse. How?

  • I was standing next to the stove cooking with an open flame when the gas leak began. I heard the warning in time to shut it down.
  • Buttercup the bunny survived.
  • We didn’t lose anything of monetary value – so far.
  • La Petite was available to take Amigo for a few days and let him recover at a distance while we dealt with insurance claims and other follow-up details.
  • I took enough pictures for several posts on the whole wild and woolly experience. ┬áHah! You knew there was a a catch.

So, readers, I’ll update you on all the details, good or bad or ugly, after I catch up on sleep. Ha. Yeah.

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