Questions, questions, I have questions

If I use a strawberry dump cake recipe but replace the strawberries with blueberries, cherries, and a diced peach, what should I call it?

When the rain barrels are full and there’s more rain coming, should I put out buckets to save even more rain water?

If I water a strawberry plant with the leftover liquid in my coffee cup, will the strawberries have caffeine? Is there such a thing as a decaf berry?

Why is the city-planted grass in the terrace playing host to more weeds than grasses?

How much of the terrace should I actually weed, given that we’re going to have our service sidewalk replaced and a new baby tree planted and more people digging in the terrace dirt?

Health and circumstances have cut into my time and energy. Does anyone really mind the weeds?

Will the city crews avoid the water and gas lines this time? Don’t. Even. Think. About it.

Why does Krumpet the bunny get so worked up when I’m grinding herbs in my mortar and pestle?

Why is Sadie the bunny shedding – in July?

When should I schedule our garage sale? We have plenty of good things to sell, and the little collectible junk will make people happy, too.

And why has Grandma Daisy been so quiet lately? There’s plenty going on, and I’m sure she has opinions on just about everything coming out of Madison and Washington, among other places.


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4 thoughts on “Questions, questions, I have questions

  1. The answers my friend are blowing in the wind.”…”………..

    The bunnies at my house are shedding. Tad is bringing his beagle over to chase them.

    Never weed the terrace. Spray poison on it.

    Put heavy cream and sugar on the dump cake and nobody will care what you call it.

    The slotted spoon is not a good choice to use when eating soup, and you can never have too much rainwater.

    Danish Scientists predict an end to global warming in 2015, so don’t sell your snowblower.

    Regarding the decaf berry talk to your cousin.

    What kinds of herbs are you grinding? I had an uncle named Herb. I hope you are not grinding people.

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