Nothing can go my way – not even on Facebook.

Another reader friend posted a link to 16 books to read before they get into theaters. I entered each and every title into Paperback Swap dot com’s book browser. How many were available? One.

Then I saw this and instantly replaced the word “mother” with “teacher”.

mother stark raving lunatic


Then I saw this video of a Janitor’s Revenge. I had to reach for my inhaler. “Chuck” just kind of nodded. He didn’t think it was funny.

Then I took a survey to find out which Harry Potter character I resemble most, and it told me I’m Luna Lovegood. While I’ve taught many Luna-type students and loved them dearly, I see myself more as Professors MacGonagall or Sprout.

Before things get any worse, I think I’ll get off Facebook and move to Australia.

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4 thoughts on “Nothing can go my way – not even on Facebook.

  1. Australia is very nice, but it’s awfully far away from your family. That could be helpful sometimes, but probably not permanently. It’s high summer there right now, with drought and fires.

  2. Hilarious video – at first I thought the college janitor had just made a long path around, but then realized he had made an endless loop. He should get an honorary degree for that one!

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