The Good, Bad, and Ugly of winter days

I snagged the laptop cord and rattled the table next to my recliner.

  • ┬áThe good: Laptop didn’t fall. Coffee didn’t spill on the laptop.
  • The bad: A full cup of coffee spilled on the recliner.
  • The ugly: Cleanup.

I tried to move myself to another relaxing location, like my “office”.

  • The good: we have a daybed that doubles as a couch.
  • The bad: the mattress is too tall for the couch function to really work.
  • The ugly: Bunny is sitting in (and chewing on) the only other recliner in the house.

The temperature rose, so we went out to run errands.

  • The good: we accomplished our goals.
  • The bad: Store parking lots were still ice-covered.
  • The ugly: I forgot my reusable shopping bags, so we ended up with three plastic shopping bags. Ick.


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