>March Madness ends for this team


For once, the robo-calls made sense. “If we win tonight, bus reservations and tickets will be on sale from 8-9 AM on Saturday morning.” “If you’d like to buy a t-shirt to support us in the State tournament, please stop in the school office!”
The student body was not lacking in spirit!
Grammar, maybe. English teachers, can you help with this one?

Each door was painted in school colors, expressing their excitement. The elementary school down the road sported a big sign congratulating their “alum” on the team.
They lost on Friday night. The team played well; the opposing team spoke highly of them, complimented our players on forcing them to change their defensive strategies in order to pull ahead and then stay there.

Win or lose, the school came out in support of their basketball players and coach. The memories of the 2010 tournament will be theirs forever.

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