>Elected officials, Health Care, and Bad Craziness

>It was on our local news today and in the morning paper; members of Congress being threatened after voting to pass the health insurance reform bill Sunday night.

My congressional representative, a doctor, was victimized by a threat and one of the clinics that still carries his trademark had the word “kill” painted over his name. Another Wisconsin representative received death threats at his office in Washington.

Worst of all, the president was threatened through a Twitter exchange.

People, when will this end? Whatever happened to respecting the office, if not the officeholder? Whatever happened to respecting the dignity of the House?

Freedom of speech has its limits. Vandalism, threats of bodily harm or death, discussing assassination of the elected leader of the free world — all are WRONG. Clearly and simply wrong. Spreading hatred, encouraging violence, pumping up the anger levels of an already-conflicted world: not only wrong, but also dangerous.

Someone, somewhere, somehow will take this too far. And then? Irony of ironies, that person will end up in prison – losing their right to vote, and gaining free health care sponsored by the taxpayers of the good old U.S.A.

Wait. Something’s wrong with this picture.

But isn’t that where we started?

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3 thoughts on “>Elected officials, Health Care, and Bad Craziness

  1. >A right-wing group posted on their website what they said was our Congressman's home address. The thing is, it was his brother's home. And his brother has two little children. The gas lines to this home were tampered with and now the FBI is investigating. Luckily, no one was hurt.

    People who threaten our elected officials this way are terrorists.

  2. >I'm so out of the loop these days, I hadn't heard about the Twitter threat. WTH? Your previous commenter is right. These people are terrorists.

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