I Have My Voice Back!

It’s been a long, long week or two – so long that I’m not sure how many days I’ve been waiting. First, my laptop went into the shop to have malware removed. In the process of the malware-ectomy, Chrome was also removed, including all of my bookmarks. Most of my bookmarks are fairly easy to recover. One, however, wasn’t.

The dashboard to Compost Happens eluded me. I looked and I searched, and I searched and I looked. It wasn’t on the laptop; it wasn’t in a book. With apologies to Dr. Seuss, of course, for the loose rhyming pattern. 

I found my way into our hosting provider’s web site, then into our AMP (Account Management Panel), and from there into the cPanel.for our account. None of the links were direct, but I had enough at my fingertips to know I could get here from there. A short chat with someone in IT, and I had it.


What should I post first? A rabbit, of course.

A Rabbit in a Sweater

A Rabbit in a Sweater

La Petite’s bunny, Sadie, wearing the latest in rabbit fashion – a sweater made from a Muk-Luks leg warmer. Perfect.

Ah, readers, it’s good to be online again.

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