Hoover Wind Tunnel vs. the Rabbit

My rationale was short and sweet: I told the Hoover and MomCentral Consulting representatives, “I have a pet rabbit. Need I say more?” The people in charge understood; they sent me a Hoover Wind Tunnel vacuum to test and review.

Putting the vacuum together was simple. The directions in the manual were readable, and everything was labeled correctly. I had to look up the procedure for tipping the handle back, but as soon as I knew where it was, the process was easy.

I decided to attack the den first. Bean bag chair, 20-year-old attached to Olympic soccer, and various bits of snack crumbs and tracked-in bunny litter had the room looking something like this.


I’ll let the results speak for themselves. In addition to picking up the visible dirt, my Hoover Wind Tunnel sucked up a lot of bunny fur. I hadn’t realized how much our lovely bunny leaves behind. Results? Oh, yeah. Here. Look! Even the 20-year-old has disappeared!


Oh. Wait. Those are his feet in the corner. He’s still here, waiting to bring back his bean bag.

The real challenge awaited the Wind Tunnel: the bunny cage surroundings. Not only fur, but hay scraps were all over the bunny’s rug. I usually pick up the largest pieces of hay before I vacuum this rug, but I decided to put the new Hoover through its paces and see how it measured up to this challenge.

The Wind Tunnel did a nice job of picking up fur and hay and any other miscellaneous dirt. The bigger pieces of hay did clog the intake a little bit, but not so much as to stop the vacuum from working. With that in mind, I will continue my prep habits and pick up the largest pieces of hay in advance.

The Hoover Wind Tunnel came through its first tests with flying colors. It is lightweight and easy to use, and it picked up much more than I expected. Fur, dust, dirt, and even scraps of hay couldn’t stop the Wind Tunnel. I wonder if I can train it to handle laundry?

Never mind.

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own. Thanks to MomCentral and Hoover for inviting me to test-drive this vacuum.

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