Skyline Mystery

We are on the road now, and so far the journey has been, um, well, rather eventful. I’ll share after I have a chance to sleep. And recover. And rehydrate. Not necessarily in that order, of course. But in the meantime —

I bought Chuck a polo shirt at a church rummage sale. Now the mystery: what’s the skyline? It’s not Seattle – no Space Needle. It’s not Milwaukee. I don’t think it’s Chicago, but I could be wrong.

No ID yet; readers, can you help? Please tell me which city this shirt illustrates, and include details. No five paragraph essays – just enough details to prove your answer, okay? Okay. 

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One thought on “Skyline Mystery

  1. Definitely Chicago – Hancock tower with diagonal bracing on the right, Willis (formerly Sears) Tower on the left with two radio towers on top.

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