Musings on Trip plans and Packing

So far, I’ve been doing more musing than packing. We leave tomorrow to visit two training centers run by the National Federation of the Blind (NFB). Amigo is applying to attend one of these centers for job training. We’ve planned the trip with lots of down time – for many reasons.

  • Ease the travel stress in general
  • Remove danger of missing appointments due to flight schedules
  • Allow time for fun and exploration – find some of Amigo’s favorite stadiums!
  • Let the trip feel more like vacation instead of just a fact-finding trip.
  • Take advantage of opportunity for Amigo to experience his first train trip
  • Enjoy some together time as a family

Today’s challenge: complete the to-do list. It’s lengthy. Post Office, bank, laundry, packing, type itinerary in print and Braille – and finally, pack.

And after the to-do list reaches Ta-Dah! status, I will think about how to blog this journey. A few years ago we drove to Nova Scotia, and I created a post of all the daily coffee experiences. That could be fun, but it’s been done. Daily scenery might be interesting, especially since we’re going to Minneapolis and Denver. Big city! Mountains! So here we go: a list of possibilities for blogging the upcoming fact-finding and vacation trip.

  • The Daily Coffee
  • Scenery (including good views and bad, parking lots, stadiums, and mountains)
  • Thoughts for each day: inspirational and otherwise
  • Highlights and lowlights (oh, that’s a little too obvious)
  • New adventures – along the lines of our flat tire in Nova Scotia
  • Meals! What we’re eating, what we’re not. This would be especially fun on the train home from Denver.
  • Transportation! I keep mentioning the train ride. We’re flying to Minneapolis, then flying to Denver, and taking Amtrak home. In between, we need to get around in the cities themselves. Light rail, buses, cabs – we’ll see.

Readers, weigh in, please. Let me know what would convert Compost Happens into a temporary travel blog. Leave a message at the tone – I mean, please leave a comment! This inquiring mind needs ideas.

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2 thoughts on “Musings on Trip plans and Packing

  1. I like all of your ideas. But I’d maybe take the “Thought for the Day” from Amigo’s perspective. I know that this is YOUR blog, but it might be interesting reading to know what captured his attention each day, especially since there will be plenty of time that’s not related to either of the Job Training Centers.

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