Gratitude – or – A Port in the Post-Storm Mayhem

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, lightning flashed and thunder boomed and winds blew and blew and blew – for about twenty minutes.

Twenty minutes. Mother Nature is a powerful force when she so chooses.

With electricity out and trees and wires down all over, we coped. We did what Wisconsinites do when bad weather hits. We don’t go it alone, either.

During this power outage I am grateful for:

  • Neighbors.
  • Friends.
  • Family.
  • A charcoal grill & a husband who is a Master Chef.
  • Garden lettuce & spinach for a makeshift salad
  • A borrowed generator.
  • Cell phone charger in the minivan.
  • A mini reading light.
  • A farmers’ market that went on as scheduled.
  • A breeze.
  • Ice in big bags
  • Running water.
  • Hot running water.

As power returned to some areas in our fair city, there were examples of generosity.

The corner gas station gave away free coffee all day.

The Red Cross set up shelters in schools, and set up their own building (near my neighborhood) as a way station with sandwiches, bags of ice, bottles of water, cell phone chargers, and moral support.

What have I forgotten? Please add to the list. What do you value most in a crisis?

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4 thoughts on “Gratitude – or – A Port in the Post-Storm Mayhem

  1. I was completely untouched by the storm. I did not even have a twig blown off the tree. A few blocks north of me the power wes out and lots of damage. What I valued most in this crisis were those that asked for my help.
    1. My trailer and trucked hauled a lot of wood etc.
    2. My generator saw continual use.
    3. My chainsaw and Buck Saw were well used.
    4. Since our freezer is almost empty Deb made a lot of ice used by others. 5. We kept some friends food in our freezer so their food would not spoil.

    What did I find of value? I was able to help a few people.

  2. I was glad it was not winter with the thermostat sinking every hour, and I was glad it was perfect August weather, not a humid 95 degrees! The weather helped us “weather” the storm and helped the power company employees do their work more effectively.

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