Cane, not candy

The physical therapist rattled off several reasons why using a cane would be a good idea while I’m recovering from the stroke-that-wasn’t that weakened my left side. I promptly forgot most of the reasons, but I did remember how to properly size the cane and how to use it correctly. Here is my version of the top ten reasons Daisy should use a cane. I’m sure you can figure out which reasons came from the PT and which came from my own mind.

10. Amigo is no longer the only cane user in the family.

9. I can wrap red ribbon around it for the holiday season.

8. Using a cane will provide support and limit fatigue.

7. A cane is a handy defensive weapon.

6. It lets me rationalize using the elevator.

5. The cane prevents me from developing an odd gait that favors the weak side.

4. Along with my adorable new vintage hat, it makes me look “professorial”, according to at least one coworker.

3. It’s a great prop – allows me to break into a softshoe dance in the middle of the halls.

2. It reminds me to slow down, I might be moving too fast. I’ve got to make the morning last!

1. It’s a great fashion accessory.



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5 thoughts on “Cane, not candy

  1. I like your reasons. I need a hip replacement, and I’ve been struggling with using a cane until I can do it (at the end of spring semester). When I complain about what a long walk it is around the grocery store, my husband has suggested that I use those drive-able carts, and I’ve resisted. Funny how hard it is to wrap my self-image around this me that isn’t as physically able as I think of myself.

    • That’s the hard part: wrapping my self-image around this new me that isn’t as capable as I was. I hope to get back to that, but for now – I use my cane.

  2. When you are in a staff meeting you can pound the cane on the floor in stead of clapping applause and yell “here here”.

    I could let you use my Masonic Cane.

    If you have a wooden cane you could bring a knife and whittle in your spare time.

    If you have a wood burning set you could burn your name in the cane.

    You could threaten students.

    If Chuck steps out of line…………..

  3. A few more reasons,

    You can have a compartment to carry extra fishing lures.

    You could have a flashlight taped to the cane.

    You could “sing in the rain”.

    I hope you do well in physical therapy and can get rid of the cane Daisy. My best wishes to you.

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