Don’t believe the commercials on TV.

The superstition thing? Great music (Stevie Wonder, oh yeah), realistic sports fans (mostly), bad beer, and hey, where’s the ultimate football schedule routine, Eating the Opponent?

Diamonds? I don’t need diamonds. My “diamond” gift hangs on the wall, not on a pendant. My special gift was a share of Green Bay Packers stock.

The eTrade baby was cuter when he was little. This schtick is old now. Somehow, the eTrade Toddler doesn’t have the same ring to it. Put the character back in his crib with

his smartphone – now that one was clever.

Oh, Aaron Rodgers and his State Farm commercials – I enjoy them all. The best, of course, is the School Career Day version. “I play football.” “That’s not a job.”

Oh, by the way – No need to faint. Santa and the M&M guys are real. For real. Just like the Thanksgiving Fairies.

As for the holiday specials, there’s bad news about Frosty the Snowman. Keep it from the kids if you can.

Frosty: Busted.



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