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Between Hurricane Sandy and the upcoming election, the Interwebs are stirring up a storm – or two. Or three. Let’s browse.

From Twitter:

Conservatives to women: Stop whining about your rights! Get over it! from Daisy: Then stop making ridiculous laws that take my rights away! Remember, I am woman, and I vote. 

 Looking forward to actual bailout of Wall Street. from Daisy: LOL! Grab a bucket!

Really respect Clinton for taking POTUS’ campaign so he can monitor storm & aftermath. from Daisy: Are you sure he’s not just looking for those binders full of women? 

Ann Romney: We Need To ‘Throw Out’ The Public Education System. Daisy: Ann, get real. I dare you to say that to a few parents of special needs kids – you won’t be standing when they’re done.  

As seen on Plurk: 

Apparently I’m not even allowed to schedule committee meetings without administrative approval… Daisy replies: remember, a zebra is a horse designed by committee. 

Today In History 1966 – National Organization for Women (NOW) was founded Daisy: today, history in the making, we need the NOW as much as we ever did.

From a Plurk friend in London: when is the US election over with? Daisy answers: early voting has already started. Official election day is November 6. When will it be over? That depends. If it’s like 2000, it’ll be over in December – if the Supreme Court says so.

From Friends on Facebook: 

I am continually baffled that anyone with a working brain can vote for this guy. Daisy adds: I’m with you. (walks away humming “If I only had a brain”)
Seriously, how can they say they are for us, the American people, and yet they buy foreign?? Unbelievable!!!! Daisy: I’ve seen photos like this that were photoshopped. I’m not ready to accuse the Romney campaign of buying their goods overseas – but I’ll sure talk about how that’s where the jobs have gone!
I won’t touch the long and emotionally loaded conversations that are going on right now courtesy of my college classmates. We liberal arts grads know how to argue and support our positions, and our Facebook posts show it. I’ll close with yet another reminder of the potential danger of letting the Tea Party Conservatives pass their dream laws: 

‘Nuff said.

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