Work email among creative sorts

Or — sometimes “Reply to All” gives you more than you ever really wanted to know.

From the Media Specialist’s assistant:
“We are missing a skeleton. His name is Mr. Thrifty. If you have seen him, let us know.”
The responses:
“Is he in a closet?”
“Maybe he’s boning up for a test.”

From the guidance counselor:
“Where’s my cardboard banana? It’s about 4 feet tall, heavy cardboard, and was on the ‘Eat a Healthy Breakfast’ bulletin board by the office.”
The responses:
“The skeleton ate it.”
“I know where it is, but I’m sworn to secrecy.”

From the art teacher:

“My desk chair disappeared on election day. It’s gray, on rollers, a little paint on it.”
The responses:
“Is it a Democratic party chair or Republican party chair?”
“Was that a committee chair?”
“Chairman or Chairwoman?”
“The skeleton has it – he’s sitting on your chair, in his closet, eating the banana.”

The final follow-up:
The skeleton turned up in a classroom for a human body unit in science.
The desk chair had been returned to the wrong classroom after the poll workers used it on election day.
The banana? It was hanging on the music room door, clad in a pink feather boa.

That was at a previous workplace. I still keep in touch with those people. In virtual schools, however, we find our own random ways to share knowledge and keep spirits up. 

Did the inventors of email imagine it would be used for entertainment such as this? Never mind.

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