A well-stocked pantry rules the world.

Pantry Raid

Pantry Raid. It sounds so much more dignified than leftovers. Well, maybe. I came home one night just exhausted from school, unmotivated to cook. In the distant past, this feeling would have meant calling for pizza. Luckily, Chuck does the grocery shopping, and he does it well. All I have to do on any given night is put it all together.

I pulled together a package of fresh ravioli from the refrigerator, tomato sauce from a jar I’d started a few days earlier, grated cheese on top – and called it supper. I think we had a lettuce salad on the side.

This has become a point of pride in our home: the ability to create a decent meal without resorting to the phone or to convenience foods. The ravioli was pre-made, but it was from the dairy case, not the C-rations aisle. It was on sale, so Chuck bought it for just this type of day. The tomato sauce and the grated cheddar completed the dish. The more creative we can be in the kitchen, the less money we spend on take-out or delivery. And since my future financial security is in the hands of the weasel in Madison, anything that saves money and still feeds the family has value.

Did you really think I’d get through an entire post without mentioning the upcoming recall election? Hah.

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