>Worry is the misuse of Imagination.

>I have a sign behind my desk stating just that. It doesn’t stop me from worrying, but it reminds me that there are more effective ways to expend my energy.
La Petite had a major sinus infection a few weeks ago. On her visit to the school clinic, they started to tell her that she had to show symptoms for another week before they’d put her on meds. She asked them to check her records for last year. Sure enough, she’d suffered the exact same problem one year ago.
They gave her the antibiotics with no further questions.
Two years ago I went to our family doctor with my annual spring sinus infection. She looked at my medical history and said, “You’re three days late this year.” Last year I managed to escape the misery, but today I went back for a dose of the usual. I’ll pick it up at the pharmacy later this afternoon. This is a case where like mother, like daughter, isn’t necessarily a good thing. When I get a seasonal sinus infection, I now worry about her developing the same painful symptoms.

There was a major explosion last week on the campus where La Petite goes to school. It was accidental, although she admitted that the timing (one year after Virgina Tech’s mass shooting) had a lot of people freaked. In her role as asst. photo editor for the school paper, she helped send out photos of the disaster to several news outlets, almost all of which ran the photos. (Note to self: remind her to send resumes to these people when she graduates)
No one was killed, and only one person was injured. But the major impact on students was this: the explosion destroyed the main and the backup boiler that provide heat and hot water to the campus at large.
Yes, you read that correctly. All the students living on campus have been without heat and hot water for a week now.
La Petite lives in an apartment near campus — so near campus that she’s closer to her classes then she was when she lived in a dorm. But by virtue of being off campus, she has hot water. She can shower! Wash dishes! Do laundry (I hope)! But the others? Apparently the athletic department has its own hot water supply, so students are allowed to use the locker rooms for basic hygiene needs. The Powers That Be are also encouraging students to go home as often as possible to — well, to shower.
Thank goodness it’s spring, not winter. Going without heat in April is a whole different story than doing without in January.
And thank goodness she’s living in an apartment. If she didn’t, I might have to rethink this weekend visit of mine.

Worry is just one part of motherhood. For more serious and sweet Portraits of Mothers, look to the Parent Bloggers Network and their Blog Blast for this week.

Update: Husband now has an appointment to see the doctor on Monday for his own version of the annual sinus infection. Sigh. Sniff. Snore.

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2 thoughts on “>Worry is the misuse of Imagination.

  1. >I love that statement. I need that sign. As a mom I can totally relate. I’m glad your daughter has hot water. Have a fun visit!

  2. >Thank goodness it’s not August and the students sweating profusely. 🙂

    I disagree with your sign. A fertile imagination allows for beautiful worries, leading to interesting solutions, fodder for writing. 🙂

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