What I Learned on the Way to the Recall

Twitter was certainly the place to be on election night. It’s become the place to be for breaking stories, and the recall election (hashtag #wirecall) was certainly one of those! Here are a few updates that came through Twitter. 

Between 7:32 and 8:00,  official closing time at the polls, I saw these tweets: 

Anyone at the listed wards, spread the word that forms are on the way. They WILL get to vote.

URGENT: Many MKE wards out of registration forms & voters are waiting. If you are near please print: (followed by link to printable registration forms)


#AntiUnionTrolls having #WIrecall meltdown. grab some popcorn and monitor it here!

No matter what happens, we’re amazing. We’ve sparked something that got the whole world to pay attention. Be proud. #wirecall #wiunion

If you’re a special voter registrar in MKE, PLEASE head to Custer High and 53rd school- they need you NOW #wirecall

Voter info: If you’re in line before 8, you can vote, regardless of how long the wait is or whether have ballots/reg forms.

“Know the first thing we did right was the day we started to fight.” #wiunion #wirecall #recallwalker #reclaimwi #solidarity

dems scrambling for more ballots prayers voters dont leave

GOP’s kryptonite RT Massive voter turnout is not “voter fraud”. It’s Democracy in action. #WIrecall #WIunion #RecallWalker

IF IN LINE BY 8PM, DO NOT LEAVE – more forms are on the way & they must allow you to vote #WIrecall #WIunion

Great, chief law enforcement official who is responsible for overseeing election law is at a partisan event on election night

EW, Ew, Ew The Republican Party sent out that robo-call, this is SOOOO bad for the republican party (<-hehehe) – a criminal act!! What robo-call? What did I miss? Was it the one my friend received last night telling her that Democrats should wait until Wed. to vote? 

Official at the Milwaukee City Clerk’s office didn’t have any exact numbers but says turnout is “HUGE”

The DOJ’s on the ground in Wisconsin? Did I hear that correctly? So, which part of Republican Party will be charged w/voter suppression?

He says biggest worries are in Racine “voters there are angry” and Eau Claire “race is closer than it should be

Multiple cities out of ballots and reg forms PRINT FORMS & DRIVE: Addresses: (followed by URL) Forms: (Followed by URL)

At 8pm a poll worker should move to the END of the line and mark the 8pm cut off. That is where voting ends tonight.


Is this where it begins, or where it ends? 

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