>Welcome to the world, baby girl!


Welcome to my newborn niece, Audrey Kathryn.

La Petite thinks she looks like a burrito in this picture. Honey, it’s called swaddling.

Here she is, thoughtful already.

“So, Mom, have you given any thought to my world? Stick to organic cotton and fewer chemicals in my baths, and I’ll grow up healthy and strong. And cute, too.”

And last, my baby brother is now a dad. Wow.

Look at those cheeks. Is she not adorable?

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5 thoughts on “>Welcome to the world, baby girl!

  1. >She's absolutely perfect! While they're at it, they should go with breastmilk and homemade organic baby food as well. Easier on both the tummy and the wallet, not to mention the boosts to the immune system! Oh yeah, and cloth diapers too! 🙂

    We always called our boys "baby burritos" when they were swaddled. Although my oldest was such a chub that we usually called him a chimichanga!

  2. >Congrats to your brother!

    Tell him that there's only one woman in this world who will love you unconditionally forever, no matter what-and that's a daughter.


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