>waiting, waiting, waiting

>We looked at cell phones for Amigo at the AT&T store. The new Jitterbug would be suitable, but expensive. we found a couple that would work and then talked to the folks at the store about adding him to our family plan. Then husband went on to other topics, such as the new television and phone (landline) services. I didn’t need to hear this and I was tired of waiting, so I went next door in the mall to (fanfare) Famous Footwear!! I tried on five pair, bought two, and then headed back to the store where Husband was still looking at the details of the new television service. He looked at my bag and realized he was taking too long. Heck, the shoes were on clearance!

The next day we found ourselves heading along the highway to Milwaukee for Amigo’s appointment with the tummy doctor (the GI specialist). Two hours on the road and I admit it, I was dozing in the passenger seat. Traffic was smooth, so we actually arrived early.

The waiting room would rate low on my quality scale. No toys, a few children’s books, a TV set to public television (with an elderly exercise program on when we came in), aquarium in one corner with a few fish. No adult reading material whatsoever: no books, no magazines, not even a stack of health-related handouts. Cell phones are a no-no in this major medical building, so texting La Petite was out.

We coped. Amigo put on his headphones and listened to radio. I sent the restless Husband in search of a newspaper. While he was gone, I made lists.

To-do List #1: must-do priorities for moving into new classroom
To-do List #2: phone calls and appts. to make
To-do List #3: Power Point plan for Open House
To-Do List #4: Power Point plan for students, first day of school

At about that point, Husband handed over a section of the newspaper, and the paper kept us occupied until Amigo’s appointment.

Next time I’ll bring a book. Actually, the next appointment is in October, so I’ll probably have stacks of papers to correct and lessons to plan. Next time, I’ll bring my schoolbag.

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2 thoughts on “>waiting, waiting, waiting

  1. >What a wonderfully uneventful day! I carry my book bag with me everywhere, for just such events. It especially goes with to the doctor’s office!

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