>Updates, corrections, and (maybe) retractions

>The kitchen smells good again. We baked cookies on Wednesday night, and we’ll probably decorate tonight. We were too busy watching the Packers’ and the Vikings’ defenses tussling last night to do anything that required concentration.
Husband felt compelled to correct my post about the whole olfactory ordeal, saying that he is NOT squeamish about mice. No, not at all. And he’s dealt with more mice than I supposedly know about.
Hence, let me rephrase this. Of the two of us, he is the one with the most active gag reflex. Removal of a smelly and potentially gross item from the home is safer done by the Daisy one, not the handsome Husbandly one, sweet and snuggly though he may be. Even though he did give me a hard time about the typo in the title (which I have since fixed), he is still a sweet and nice guy. And more…

And even though it’s not Funday Sunday, I felt compelled to show you the adorable little hat that adorns our tree. You couldn’t have predicted the color scheme, could you? No, the entire tree is not green and gold — just a few select ornaments. Okay, more than a few. Sort of. Maybe.

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