Unusual Answers to Random Questions

Readers, family, friends – I haven’t blogged in days. I’m fine, not ill, just busy. To get a taste of what’s been keeping my laptop off my lap and my mind off the blog, I offer a list – a Q&A session with (who else?) my self.

Q: Why is my schoolbag so heavy? What did I put in it?

A: Aha! I have a bag of coffee beans that I bought from a fundraiser and received today. That’s why my bag is heavier than usual.

Q: Why do I smell coffee? Is it on my sweater?

A: See above.

Q: How did I manage to schedule so much on one week? I have commitments after school every day except Friday.

A: Don’t ask. Seriously. Do not analyze this. Just survive it.

Q: When will I learn to say no?

A: When I stop enjoying what I’m doing. I revised a post for the national blog yesterday and offered a second to help fill a void later in the week. Here’s the first one, a discussion of the Naturalist in Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. Later, I’ll have a link for poetry month.

Q (while watching the national news): Ft. Hood, a high school stabbing in Pennsylvania — What’s the world coming to?

A: At least we’re not facing lengthy stories on how much of the ocean doesn’t yield clues to the missing jet.

Meanwhile, I will keep calm and garden on – after this week is over.

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