Uncertainty and cautious optimism in Wisconsin

A Circuit Court Judge in Dane County, Wisconsin, has ruled Act 10 null and void. Act 10 is Scott Walker’s baby. It’s the collective bargain law, the one that makes public employees feel like public enemies. It’s the law that caused several Democratic senators to flee the state to prevent a quorum, hoping to delay bringing the piece of legislation to a vote at all. It’s the one that inspired thousands, not hundreds, of  protesters to crowd the Capitol with their bodies, their voices, their drums, and their banners. And now, a judge has ruled that this law violates both the Wisconsin Constitution and the Constitution of the United States.

We’re wary. We’re not celebrating yet. It’s not quite final.

We teachers feel vindicated, but only a little. Those other public employees are looking rather tentative, too.

No one is planning a party, so hold onto your red Solo cups. There’s so much pain and bitterness involved that a blowout demonstration just doesn’t seem right.

After the most recent union meeting, our building rep brought back news of wildly inconsistent interpretation of the new handbook that replaced our contract. She also advised us not to spend our own money on anything – not even a pencil.

Walker and his clones, er, cronies plan to appeal. If it ever makes it to the state Supreme Court, we predict this badly conceived and poorly written law will be upheld because the Tea Party types hold a majority. Then again, the Supreme Court isn’t without its own drama. I’m sure they get choked up just thinking about it. Not.

Now what? Readers, I’ll let you know. I’m not spending any extra money, though. I’ll just keep teaching, teaching, teaching.

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4 thoughts on “Uncertainty and cautious optimism in Wisconsin

  1. Good pun on the choking. I doubt the supreme court etc. will uphold the ruling. When I taught I never spent my own money. It is so painful that staff holds money from their family to purchase items for school.

  2. It is very sad that our Supreme Court is in such disarray that we cannot count on justice from them, but must tread warily, waiting and hoping.

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