>Touring Lambeau Field, Daisy style


Field trips are different in a virtual school. We arrange field trips in different locations in the state, and families sign up to meet a teacher or two there. Several families met two teachers, Mr. P and me, at Lambeau Field for the stadium tour and the Hall of Fame.
My photos were a bit different, too. I took several of the families that came, trying to balance the atmosphere with the faces. These turned out quite well, I thought.
My own personal pictures took a rather different angle, too. I didn’t need the standard Green and Gold; I’ve seen it and internalized it plenty of times. Instead, I noticed the Wall of Opponents. All they need now is an extension of this for our Eating the Opponent project! That would be a great addition to the hall of fame, or even to the menu at Curly’s Pub, in my perspective.

The Wall of Opponents is rather long and curved; it’s tough to fit the whole thing in a standard picture. The menu would take up an additional wall.

Then there was the Packer trivia game. I got a few wrong (doh! I should have known the answers), but I still made the High Scores list. What? You doubt me?

I compared spirited socks with one of the girls along on the tour. Mine are on the right. I could be convinced to pick up a pair like hers. Socks like these would coordinate perfectly with my pink Packers polo shirt.

And I seriously coveted the tour guides’ shoes. I know, these are men’s shoes. But they could be made in women’s sizes, I’m sure. Couldn’t they? I mean, the Pro Shop carries Super Bowl XLV sweaters for dogs; they could make tour guide shoes for women.

These shoes are standing on hallowed ground: The Tunnel. Come the next home game, I’ll have a new perspective as the team comes out of the tunnel onto the field.

Go! Pack! Go!

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