>Top Ten Reasons to love my bread machine

>10. There is no scent equal to the aroma of bread rising and baking.

9. I never feel forced to partake in La Petite’s preference: boring and nutrient-lacking white bread.
8. I can add local honey, wheat germ, or flaxseed to a loaf without anyone knowing it’s healthy.
7. It’s easy. Drop the ingredients in, fix the settings, push the button, and let it bake.
6. I can choose a bread that’ll go with the meal – without going to the store.
5. An ordinary sandwich becomes extraordinary when it’s made on homemade bread.
4. While it’s not necessarily cheap, it can be frugal: I can make a loaf for less money than a trip to the store to buy an gourmet bakery bread.
3. The smell of baking bread can awaken a teenager from deep sleep. Add bacon, and the teen might even become coherent.
2. Fresh bread is so delicious; there’s really no equal.
1. If we’re out of bread, I like being able to say, “it’s okay, we’ll just bake a fresh loaf!”

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3 thoughts on “>Top Ten Reasons to love my bread machine

  1. >Bread makers are an amazing invention. We used ours regularly for a few years and then one day it just stopped working. I haven't replaced it yet, so this is a good reminder that I need to do so.

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