>Top Ten Reasons to Leave Teaching


  • Politicians blame teachers for anything possible – and a lot that’s not possible.
  • Taxpayers blame teachers for rising taxes.
  • Parents blame teachers for not doing enough – despite oft-impossible situations.
  • Politicians, parents, and taxpayers do not understand the challenges teachers face every day.
  • Movie-makers put teachers into scapegoat roles.
  • Salaries are dependent on current political climate.
  • Benefits are dependent on current political climate.
  • Budgets keep dropping, but expectations keep rising.
  • Teachers are expected to make up the difference in budgets out of their own pockets.
  • No matter how hard teachers work, it’s never enough.

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4 thoughts on “>Top Ten Reasons to Leave Teaching

  1. >The best teachers hang in there, and then finally can't take it any more. You have already done your best and might be able to hang on longer. Keep your sense of humor

  2. >Until I had a child I never knew what teachers had to put up with. They are so under valued it is beyond ridiculous. As a parent please know that I value you and all teachers.

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