To Market, Back to Market

Chuck was busy cooking lunch, so I posed the produce on the table instead of the kitchen counter.

What didn't I buy?

What didn’t I buy?

Well, I bought lettuce, but no spinach. I bought strawberries, and just a few blueberries and cherries. We’ll wait until later, when they’re ripening closer to home. I bought eggs, but no cheese. I bought asparagus, but no peas. We could have had sugar snap peas, but I thought I’d wait until I could get a larger quantity for less money. It could happen this weekend!

Chuck complains that I bring too many bags to the market. He’d better look out; I might just feel I must prove him wrong by filling them all. Sneaky snicker. 

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1 thought on “To Market, Back to Market

  1. Yummmmmmm. Do you recycle egg cartons? Do you prefer the brown eggs? My dad used to go to the Stevens Point Market and his folks would sell their produce. Some families would order a lot of produce and dad would deliver in Point. Dad always was impressed listening to those who spoke Polish there. Dads folks spoke Danish, but dad primarily spoke English. Out of 8 children dad was the only one to graduate high school. grandpa sold 6 young pigs to buy dad a Graduation suit.

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