>time — supermom’s Kryptonite

>It was said jokingly, at least the first time. Husband looked at me, trying to balance three or four hours of errands and chores and quality time within about 60 minutes on the clock, and announced, “Supermom just met her Kryptonite: time.”
It’s true. I buy extra underwear for the entire family just in case the laundry doesn’t get done. While not rigid, we do have a routine to make sure homework gets done and rabbits get fed, not to mention the people in the house. If I blogged an entire day during the workweek, some would be amazed, and some parent-type bloggers would say, “Me, too!” because their days are as chock full as mine.
A typical timeline starts at 5:30 with my alarm. To make a long story short, because who has the time to read every detail, I usually fall into bed between nine and ten at night, earlier if the day has been difficult and tiring. The hours in between play host to everything from watching for Amigo’s school bus to figuring out a simple supper that doesn’t take much energy to cook or clean up. Oh, yes, I teach full time, too. I spend a very intense day with those pre-adolescents we call 6th graders. They can be delightful, but they can also be a drain on my energy. Whether I’m planning, teaching, refereeing, scoring papers, recording scores in my gradebook, or cleaning my desk, it’s a busy and high-energy day at school.
Where does the time go? I’m not sure. I just know it usually goes too fast. After all, time is money and money is time and, well, I can’t spare much of either.
But as long as everyone has drawers in their drawers, life is good.

Now if only I could teach the pet rabbits to do the laundry….

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2 thoughts on “>time — supermom’s Kryptonite

  1. >we’ve been working with cats and dog about learning how to do laundry. it’s the lack of thumbs…darn them!! 🙂

    summer is near.

  2. >Here, here. There can never be enough drawers in the drawers. My quandry is why it only takes them 4 days to go through 2 weeks worth of clean clothes?

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