>Thinking of Thanksgiving

>The random thoughts that come with Thanksgiving planning sometimes surprise even me, the blogger with a category label for Random Thoughts.

Let’s try an organic heirloom turkey this year! Last year the Fabled Fairies earned a Butterball coupon (or two). This year we noticed an ad for a nearby meat market and their turkeys and decided it was worth a try. Local business (all of 6 blocks away), quality product (we’ve bought their sausages and pork chops and other meats in the past), what’s not to like? If we decide we prefer the (gulp) mass-produced meat, we’ll go back to it next year. But seriously, I hope not. A few more dollars on a special turkey will be dollars well spent.

Brother and Sister-in-law will be staying at their Chicago-area home this year. They’re expecting a tiny new addition to the family, and mama-to-be may feel uncomfortable fitting into a seatbelt. Staying home will allow her to relax and maybe, just maybe, start timing contractions in the comfort of her own home. We’ll host a slightly smaller party: our own nuclear family, including La-Petite-home-from-school, my mom and stepdad, and Chuck’s parents.

Sister-in-law usually brings the pies; maybe it’s time to try the bakery down the road from the meat market. I love to bake, but pies are not my specialty, and I don’t think a mixed-berry dump cake would fit the Thanksgiving menu.

Now I just need to decide if we’re having rootmash or regular mashed potatoes – or both. Opinions? Preferences?

Yes, I KNOW there’s a Packer game. Chuck is thankful that it’s in Detroit; he’d have to work if the game were at Lambeau Field. We’ll plan our dinnertime around it, and squeeze a radio into the kitchen so the cooks don’t miss a play.

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3 thoughts on “>Thinking of Thanksgiving

  1. >Hello. Every now and then I read a random blog, just for fun. We will be hosting our annual, much anticipated Thanksgiving dinner. It's become something of an event each year. A collection of friends that are family and all their kids. So, organic turkey, despite the cost is also my choice. I mean, how many times a year do we all eat a big turkey? As for the rootmash…I tried straying from the traditional dishes, suggesting variations and my friends, bless them, revolted. Mash potatoes it is!

    Happy Thanksgiving from Oregon

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