>There must be a punch line here somewhere.

> Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Canoe who?
Canoe tell me a good knock knock joke?

I could rename this post “When Canoes go Wild.” This one is tired of hanging on the garage, so it’s creating a stream for a getaway. Or maybe it’ll use the ladder to elope with the fishing boat behind the shed. It’s my neighbor’s canoe. Should I warn him? Or do you think he’d be happy not to have to pay for the big wedding?

Sorry, a bit punchy. It’s been a week. Let’s leave it at that. And it’s only Wednesday!

I’ll just go feed the rabbit.

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4 thoughts on “>There must be a punch line here somewhere.

  1. >Oh no! At least it’s being stored upside down… 🙂

    And, it’s snowing here! It was in the 80s yesterday! I love spring. 😉

  2. >No worries of flooding here, but I keep seeing pictures from around the states. Kinda freaky!

    I love it when kids tell knock knock jokes. So I’ll let you tell a few now and then!

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