The what ate your homework?

Truth is stranger than fiction.

I teach in a virtual school. Students take most of their quizzes and tests online. Since the dog can’t eat their homework in this kind of setting, they have to get creative. Very, very creative.

Chapter One:

My brother was messing on the computer while i was getting coffee for my dad and i had my math test going i answerd the last few q. and sent it in the i was shocked by my grade and he told me that he was doing my school can u mark it un done???
im sorry

Chapter Two:

(insert student name here) had to do something for me and my son messed up her test. and submitted it while she was gone again. She wanted to webmail you but she didn’t want you to think that she is cheating. so she told me to do it can you please reset it again. – signed by student’s mother 

Chapter Three:

 mrs daisy my bro messed with my ss test

Well, readers, let’s have a prediction. What’s next? Will she pass the social studies test? Will her little brother decide that he likes science, too? Tell me, readers, what do you think?

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